First Date Ideas Around Nashville For Valentine's Day that Won't Be Awkward

If you're trying to set up a date for Valentine's Day with someone you just recently started talking to or dating, here are five date ideas that won't make things awkward . . . 

1. Karaoke. You don't even need to SING . . . just going to watch other people make fools of themselves is going to be a good night. And after awhile if you're feelin' it, you could always do a duet together.

2. A museum. It's good because it gives you the OPTION to talk to each other a bunch, but doesn't force it.

3. A comedy club. Again, you're not forced to interact the whole time, and it's a good opportunity to see if your senses of humor match up before going on another date.

4. Bowling or ice skating. It's casual, and it leaves the door open for some physical contact. 

5. An arcade. It's playful and competitive, and it might remind you of some fun childhood memories you can share.

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