Sam’s Club Is Bringing Back More Massive Pool Floats For Your Summer

I really wish that this Tennessee weather would make up it's mind. One minute, it feels like spring and then the next we're back into winter. I know one thing is that I'm ready for Spring and Summer. Sam's Club is getting everyone ready for Summer with their new line of floats!

If you remember, Sam's Club last year gave us a massive unicorn float and a flamingo float.

Now, you can still get those 2 floats this year at Sam's Club, but this year they've added more to their line including a Speed Boat that'll fit 6 people and a Swan. All of the floats have built in benches, a cooler and enough cup holders for 8 drinks.

Let's now talk about the price and how big these things are! These floats are 9 feet tall and 16 feet wide, and will cost you $170.

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