Food Stamp Recipients To Face Drug Tests If New Bill Passes

First before we get any further, this bill is in Alabama. Now, let's get into the story. There's a new bill going before the state legislature that could require people who receive food stamps to undergo drug testing.

People that participate in the SNAP program would get drug tested for illegal substances if there was a suspicion that they were under the influence of drugs. Also, drug suspicion includes drug conviction within the past 5 years.

Here's what's happening with the bill, the person would get a warning the first time they test positive. The second time being caught will result in the person being ineligible for food stamps for a year. The third time failing would result in the person losing their benefits permanently.

Another thing in the bill states that if a beneficiary refuses to that the drug test or delays the screening would be ineligible for food stamps.

Source: FOX 17

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