Cardi B's Music

Cardi B is known for being very vocal and saying what ever she feels like saying. Cardi is back in the news about a video that surfaced this past week. In the video Cardi B admitted that she 'drugged and robbed men' when she was an adult entertainer.

See the video below, caution some NSFW language!!

Since the video has surfaced, Nashville strip Club Deja Vu released a statement “in light of a recent video that surfaced this past week of rapper Cardi B admitting that she often ‘drugged and robbed men’ as an adult entertainer, Deja Vu Nashville has removed all of the artist's music from their music library.” 

Some people are wondering if it's time to ban Cardi B just like they did with R. Kelly. What are your thoughts on them banning her?

You can read more what Deja Vu had to say HERE from WKRN

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