Unique Bowling Alley Is An Undersea Aquarium

There's so many cool things to do in Memphis! One thing that a lot of people check out is the Bass Pro Shop. Walking up to it, you'll notice that it's not your normal looking store. It's in the shape of a pyramid. The store is freaking HUGE and one really cool thing inside the store is Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl.

This unique restaurant has some awesome food and has a lot of fun things to do with the family in there as well! The food is good, but the thing that has everyone talking about the place is the bowling alley inside.

The bowling alley makes you feel as if you are bowling under the sea. There are tons of decorations hanging from the ceiling to make for a really cool experience or a cool photo for your Instagram. To rent a lane it's going to run you $34.99 an hour, but totally worth it when you sit there and bowl a strike under a great white shark!