Air BNB Inspired By Stranger Things

Anybody else getting excited for the upcoming season of Stranger Things? I know I sure am! Something really cool is all of the stuff everyone has created involving the show. My wife actually surprised me with a night at this bar in Chicago that was Stranger Things themed and during our family vacation I was able to check out the Stranger Things haunted house at Universal Studios! I have found one more place to check out to get my Stranger Things fix.

Let me introduce you to The Upside Den Air BnB! This unique Air BnB according to the list has so many things to offer according to their description:

- separate entrance, bathroom

- 50+ classic VHS tapes

- hang out in a pillow fort

- relax in the warm glow of Christmas lights

- this is a basement, you will hear us upstairs

If you're planning on booking it, the price is $49 a night and they do provide breakfast, and that breakfast does include Eggos!

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