Dive Bars To Visit In Nashville

Nashville is known for our big music scene, but if it wasn't for the bars around Nashville there wouldn't be much of a place to go and hear live and local music. One thing awesome about Nashville is all of the cool dive bars! We've come up with a list of some of our favorite dive bars around town! These are in no particular order!

Santa's Pub

This place is a must visit here in Nashville. Now this little dive bar is a Karaoke bar, but the best part is the drinks are cheap and you never know who is going to stop by!

Layla's Honkey Tonk

If you're wanting to experience Broadway and looking for a cool place with a great vibe, we suggest you checking out Layla's Honkey Tonk! Since it's located downtown, that is prime spot for some of the biggest stars to drop by and play a few songs unannounced!


There's no telling who you'll see at Loser's on any given night. The drinks are cold and cheap, plus they have a popcorn machine that is FREE! Loser's is definitely a place you have to visit and mark off on your list!

Springwater Supper Club and Lounge

According to their Facebook this is the oldest bar in Tennessee. They have live music, comedy, poetry, ice cold $2 PBR, local craft beers, great food!

Fran's Eastside

Fran's is another fun dive bar to check out over in East Nashville. This is a karaoke and a lot of your favorite musician's have used Fran's for their music videos. If you're looking for a fun time check out Fran's.


Dino's is a really cool dive bar over in East Nashville. If you ever go to Dino's make sure you order a cheese burger and fries! They are AWESOME!

Where's your favorite Dive Bar? Let us know and we will add it to this list!

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