Stranger Things Writers Tell Fans About Hidden Easter Egg In Season 3

We can all admit that Season 3 of Stranger Things left us all emotional and asking questions. Since the season dropped back on July 4th fans took no time before coming up with theories and finding hidden clues after the Stranger Things writers tweeted about something hidden in this season.

WARNING: Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers ahead stop reading if you haven't finished this season!!

The Stranger Writers Twitter account added fuel to the fire when they asked fans to send in their wildest theories, and even said that there was a hidden clue that hadn't been found yet!

Once the Stranger Writers Twitter account posted the tweet above, they asked fans to send in their wildest theories and they also mentioned that a hidden clue hadn't been found yet! The one tweet that I've seen that had made my jaw drop was this one:

Of course after that, fans flocked to the account to show easter eggs which they thought were what the writers were talking about. Check out some of the fan tweets.

Another thing that has everyone freaking out thinking that Hopper is still alive is this tweet

These are some pretty interesting theories and at the moment we will just have to keep guessing until season 4 happens.

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