Dig For Fossils At This Unique Site Just Outside Of Nashville

Having two kids, I'm always looking for something cool to do with them on the weekends and I think I have found the perfect place to take them. Located in Gray Tennessee which is a 4 hour drive from Nashville there is a place called the Gray Fossil Site.

This site was found about 20 years ago by some TDOT workers. The highway crew came across a 5 million year old fossil site.

Some of the fossils that you'll be able to find there are Miocene-Epoch. These fossils date back to 4.9 million and 4.7 million years ago.

There are active digs on the site which run from May to October. Now before you try to go all Jurassic Park, the public isn't able to partake in the digs, but you can watch the digs happening with an upgraded ticket. Grab more details about the Gray Fossil Site and buy tickets HERE!

Check out some of the stuff they have found during their digs!

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