New Retro Motel In Nashville Is Straight From The 70’s

Nashville is constantly growing and people are visiting every day so the hotel business is booming! Nashville is always showing the world why we are cool and this new hotel is proving why Nashville is such a cool place! Let me introduce you to The Dive Motel! The owners of the Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast have opened up this new motel over off Dickerson Pike.

The Dive Motel and Swim Club is something straight out of the 70's and is the perfect place to hang out and grab those instagram pics!

This motel was once known at the Key Motel, a very popular spot back in the 50s & 60s. Of course, the Dive Motel is sticking to the time period with shag bedspreads to the tile paneling, every room and common space is absolutely stunning! Each room at the motel is it's own unique experience and is the perfect weekend getaway or just a night out getaway!

Grab more details + you can make reservations on The Dive Motel’s official website.

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