Take A Tour Of Camp Crystal Lake

If you know me, you know I'm a big horror movie fan. My son who is 11 could tell you everything and anything about the Friday The 13th series. Well, I have stumbled across something really cool that you can do and wanna take my son to check out.

You can now take tours of the famous 'Camp Crystal Lake' and check out all of those famous scenes from the movie. You see this is an actual campground located in New Jersey! According to their website, 'Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (or “No-Be” for short) is a thriving Boy Scout Camp tucked away in the hills of northwestern New Jersey, USA. The camp opened in 1927, making it the oldest continuously operating Scout camp in New Jersey.'

The campground was made famous when the Friday The 13th movies were shot there! Of course people always try to get a glimpse of the famous campsite which is why they offer tours. These tours show you around to all of the famous sites.

Now in order for you to be able to take this tour, you'll have to sign up for their tour lottery. This is a very popular thing and these tours fill up quick! You can sign up HERE!

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