Sociopathic dwarf poses as 9-Year-Old to get Adopted by Indiana Couple

When I first saw the headline I thought man this sounds like that movie The Orphan! Back in May of 2010, an Indiana couple agreed to an emergency adoption of a six-year-old girl from Ukraine named Natalia. 3 years later the couple moved to Canada, but the strange thing was they left Natalia behind!

Well, the authorities were able to track down the foster parents and the policed had arrested them for neglect of a dependent. While in custody, the couple told authorities the abandonment wasn't what it seemed like. Turns out they didn't abandon a 9 year old, because the adopted daughter actually was a 22 year old dwarf that was portraying a child!

The couple claimed she was a sociopath who tried to poison coffee, and push people into an electric fence, and even attacked a baby. The couple was confused on why they were arrested because, they had went to court and argued to legally change the girl's age and they even had witnesses that testified that their daughter was actually an adult!

Natalia was at a psychiatric treatment facility, but a few years back, she left. Of course now, no one knows where she is. This sounds like another movie in the works. After seeing the photos of Natalia you could see where she could pull of being a child! This story is CRAZY!

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