Hopper's Car Spotted On Set Of Stranger Things 4 Filming

Warning: Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers are about to happen in this blog! If you haven't finished season 3 don't scroll and keep reading!

Ok, like most people, I was really upset the way things ended on the 3rd season of Stranger Things. I was really shocked that Hopper was 'killed' at the end of the season! Just when I thought him and Joyce were finally going to be a couple The Duffer Brothers go in and crush our hearts! Of course at the end there was some hope that he might be alive. The clip teased there was an American being kept at a site in Russia. Well, I've got some interesting news for you!

They are in Georgia right now filming the upcoming season and some photos have been found that has us the fans thinking that Hopper is still alive! The photo in question is Hopper's truck on the set!!

Now I'm not getting my hopes up just yet because it could be some sort of maybe flashback scene, but what do you think? Is Hopper still alive?

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