Discovery Zone Is Making A Comeback!

One of my favorite places to go when I was a kid was Discovery Zone. Now if you don't remember what DZ was it was a chain like Chuck E Cheese. Inside there were indoor mazes and tunnels, roller slides, climbing structures, ball pits, and arcade games.

It was one of the best places to go. I remember going to the one in Rivergate all the time! I'd spend hours in there! I'm pretty sure you did too!

I've got some great news, Discovery Zone is coming BACK!!

Now here's where you're probably not going to like me for getting your hopes up! This Discovery Zone will be opening up in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 7th! From the looks of the video below, there won't be a foam pit and the rolling slides, you know the one you'd always smash your fingers in won't be there either!

Regardless, this is great news and I don't mind making a trip to Ohio!

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