Man Stuck In 375ft High Tower Crane During Nashville Tornado

I am still in shock over what took place early Tuesday morning! The tornado that ripped through Nashville was as powerful and devastating. As I was scrolling through Facebook seeing all of the photos, one video stood out to me from Jason Nash! He posted a video of him stuck in one of the cranes downtown during the tornado, with the caption,

"I got stuck in 375ft high tower crane last night in Nashville tornado. Scared me bad. We had like 2 minute warning. Takes me 15min to climb down. Video sucks but that wasnt a big priority at the time"

There is some NSFW language in the video.

The video is very chilling, and my heart sunk hearing him talk to his family thinking that could have been his last moment. We're praying for all of those affected by this horrible disaster! We have ways for you to help out those that have been affected click HERE!

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