Reports: Titans No Longer Going After Tom Brady

I've been a fan of the Tennessee Titans ever since they arrived in Tennessee! I've been there through the ups and downs. Last year gave us a glimpse of hope showing what this team was made of and they're a contender for a Super Bowl. Ryan Tannehill stepped in and replaced Marcus Mariota and help take the team all the way to the AFC Championship game.

Once the season ended, the Titans gained national media attention over who the Titans would have as their qb. Tom Brady or Ryan Tannehill. For weeks we've been hearing will it be Tannehill or Brady. Rumors were all over the place and now one day before free agency begins, we finally have an answer!

My opinion, Tannehill will be better in the long run and you'll get a few more years out of him than Brady, BUT I would've liked to see TB12 here in Nashville! We shall see how things turn out, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the Titans do this year! Titan Up!!