Guy Records His Experience Going Through COVID-19 Drive-Thru Test Area

Drive-thru testing for the coronavirus is now available through out Middle Tennessee with COVID-19 symptoms or a known nexus to the disease, with several testing sites set up around town. Barstool Sports host Kevin Clancy had a persistent cough for several days when he called to make an appointment to get tested.

Given the severity of the pandemic, some waiting was the least of Clancy's worries, he said. While he admitted he was anxious about the process, he applauded the professionalism of the workers at the testing site. Here's how the test site works.

Drivers are ordered to keep their windows rolled up until the test is about to be administered. Officers communicate directions to drivers with a megaphone, electronic sign boards and gestures. After waiting for a couple of hours, Clancy's video shows him driving through a snake like path of traffic cones to a tent containing several healthcare workers in hazmat suits.

Clancy recorded video of his entire experience at the testing site, which you can watch below.

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