Hallmark Giving Away 1 Million Sweet Cards You Can Send Amid Coronavirus

Right now, we're all doing our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus by implementing social distancing. Hallmark has stepped up to keep us all connected to our loved one we can't be there with face to face.

According to PEOPLE, Hallmark announced its initiative Friday to donate one million cards to people around the country.

Hallmark’s CEO told PEOPLE, 'It’s important to stay connected to those we love, even when we can’t be physically together. Many of us have loved ones isolated alone at home or in a senior care center who are unable to feel the physical presence of their loved ones — something we all need to thrive.'

Here's how you can get your cards. Just visit Hallmark’s Care Enough website. All you have to do is give your name and address and you’ll receive a 3-pack of cards for free. You can visit their website HERE!

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