Do615 Announce The DoStuff Amplification Project


There's no doubt about it, we're dealing with some unprecedented times. Our friends at Do615 are wanting to help out during this tough time! Do615 has announced their DoStuff Amplification Project. They will be awarding $1 million in promotional media to the DO'ers who are not able to make a living through their normal businesses right now.

This inclides, but not limited to, the bartenders hosting virtual cocktail hours with virtual tip jars, the local bands who are live streaming from their homes to stay afloat, comedians doing stand up from their living rooms, venues, promoters, and all of those in the service industry who are making, building, creating, and need a platform for reaching more people inside their homes.

Do615’s mission is to drive people out to events in the real world to have great experiences with their loved ones. From the tornado to the health crisis right now, Do615 has been focused on helping the community and want to continue supporting the local community affected by this to continue raising awareness for their business, and earn a much needed income, by putting a promotional powerhouse to use for them.

Those looking for this media support need to apply through a very simple application process. If granted, Do615 will promote their business endeavors through their website, daily email, and social channels.

You can apply HERE!

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