Smoking Age Raised for US Soldiers

Beginning August 1st, soldiers that are under the age of 21 will not be allowed to buy cigarettes on military bases.

Even though this law goes into effect this summer that makes it illegal for bases to sell tobacco and vaping products to troops under 21. Military officials say they have no plans to stop underage soldiers from smoking. Army Public Health Center spokesman Cory Fitzgerald said, “When you look at the policy, the policy doesn't really focus or address penalties on the user,"

Officials hope the difficulty in purchasing tobacco products will encourage more soldiers to quit. “We know that those soldiers don't do as well on their physical fitness tests; it takes them longer to heal and there is a direct correlation between tobacco use and musculoskeletal injuries," Fitzgerald says. "We are asking them to support the law because the bottom line is it's our enduring obligation to take care of our people.”

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