Best Cooking Hacks Ever

Two different food hacks have been all over the Internet this week. The first involves chicken and a problem we all have when it comes to preparing chicken for dinner! A woman on TikTok posted a video on how to use a fork to remove that weird white vein that runs through chicken breasts. Which is actually a tendon. Turns out that if you lay a fork across one end of it and yank, you can pull the entire tendon out in about a second. So all you're left with is the part you want to eat.

The second hack fixes the problem of cereal boxes that won't stay closed. First you tuck the two side tabs in. Then you fold in one of the bigger tabs. But the next part is key. You have to push on the sides near the top of the box, so they fold in half and create a point at the top. Then you fold the last tab in, and that's it.