At Least You’re Not Trapped in a Haunted Castle Surrounded by Wolves

I'm a BIG fan of horror movies and this right here sounds like the start of a scary movie!

A Bolivian orchestra group has been stranded for 73 days at the Rheinsberg Palace in Germany. This palace housed royals and aritocracy. The palace is located about an hour and a half outside of Berlin. The group arrived in Germany back on March 10th just as the country was starting to implement ban on social gathering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Their concert tour began to fall apart as shows were canceled and they tried to go back home, but weren't able to do so because of border closures. Since there are social distancing rules, the group hasn't been able to leave the palace grounds and surrounding woodland area. Here's where the 'horror movie plot' begins. The surrounding are is inhabited by 23 packs of wolves.

How are they performers coping with being stuck there? You can read more HERE!

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