Carole Baskin Granted Control of Joe Exotic's Former Zoo

Well, Carole Baskin's is making headlines again and this time it's doesn't involve if she killed her husband.

The reason why she's making headlines now, is because it finally happened. She is now in control of Joe Exotic's zoo! As of today, Judge Scott Palk in a ruling, ordered the GW Exotic Zoo in Wynnewood, now operated by Jeff Lowe, to vacate its property and hand over control to Big Cat Rescue Corp. This ruling gives Lowe 120 days to vacate the property.

Baskin was awarded the properties after Judge Palk found they were fraudulently transferred by Exotic to his mother to avoid paying her a settlement in a trademark infringement lawsuit. Carole finally got what she wanted!

Joe also wrote a letter to all of his fan which you can READ HERE

You can also read more on the story of Carole Baskin's gaining control of the zoo HERE

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