Couple Refused to Sign Self-Quarantine Papers Forced to Wear Ankle Monitors

A Kentucky couple has been put on "house arrest" after one of them tested positive for COVID-19 but refused to self-quarantine. Elizabeth Linscott was tested for coronavirus before heading out on a trip to visit family up in Michigan. Linscott got her test back and she tested positive and the local health department department called her to sign documents agreeing to self-isolate. Linscott said no. 

According to the documents, the asked that she check-in every day with her symptoms, self-isolate, and let officials know if she had to go to the hospital if she felt worse. Right after, Hardin County Sheriff's showed up and ordered that the couple wear ankle monitors. The sheriff's department warned them if they traveled more than 200 feet, authorities would be notified. The couple said they never refused to self-quarantine, they just did not agree with how the documents were worded!

The health department declined to comment.