Scientists Enlist Live Music Fans For Coronavirus Experiment

I will be the first to say I sure do miss live shows! During the pandemic, there's been several new ways to consume live music such as social media and here recently Drive-In shows. So, the question is how do we get back to attending live shows? According to German Scientists they're working on getting us back to live shows!

So, how do you learn to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in live music venues? Pack thousands of concert-goers in a German concert hall and let scientists observe the room.

The Guardian explains that the scientists will give 4,000 concert-goers attending an August 22nd show in Leipzig neck-worn devices that will collect data on their movement. Prior to the show, people attending the concert will take a lab-test just 2 days before the concert and then they'll take another test after the concert. Concert goers will get a face mask and something interesting is that the scientist are using fluorescent hand sanitizer and UV lights that will give a look into how people interact with the surfaces at the venue.

Halle's University Hospital hopes the collected data will present a way to safely "allow organizers to fit enough people into a concert venue to not make a loss." The data should be presented sometime in October.

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