‘Shark Tank’ Episode From 2009 Eerily Predicts the Future

I am a BIG fan of Shark Tank, I've even got my 3 year old watching it. There's been some great ideas pitched and some not so great ideas. What if I was to tell you that one entrepreneur saw into the future and predicted we'd be wearing masks?

A writer was watching CNBC when a re-run of Shark Tank from 2009 was on. Irina Blok was on the show pitching fashion surgical masks. Blok believed that she created the next big trend. Ok so maybe she didn't predict it, but hey it's 2020 so anything is possible right? All the sharks made fun of her and shut her pitch to them down.

Kevin Harrington also known as 'Mr. Wonderful' called her masks, a novelty item, not a serious item. I just don't see the market for it. Also, fun little fact Irina, is the brains behind the Google Android robot logo. Check out the pitch here!