AMC Movie Theaters Reopening With New Ticket Prices

One thing that I've missed during this pandemic is being able to go to the movies. Well, now that movie theaters are starting to open next week, AMC Theaters are doing something really cool. AMC is coming up on their centennial anniversary they will be offering "movies in 2020 at 1920 prices" for their opening day - August 20th. Now what's the price back in 1920? A movie cost 15 cents!

Of course, with the pandemic there hasn't been any new movies and what new movies have been released they've been on-demand so the movies will be re-releases of blockbuster hits like "Black Panther" and "Star Wars".

Also, AMC will step up health and safety measures such as requiring facemasks in theaters, lowering seat capacity, and upgrading ventilation systems.

After opening day, tickets will still be available for cheaper than usual, costing $5.

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