Anti-Mask Speech Leads To Man Getting Carried Out Of Grocery Store

It seems like you see a story like this everyday with a lot places mandating masks in their establishments. This story takes place in Tucson, Arizona at a Sprouts. A man in the store went on an anti-mask speech and things got bad really quick. They got so bad the man was literally carried out of the store!

The man in the video below went into a rant that had some nsfw language about how people wearing masks were foolish. In the video the man said, "You're a bunch of idiots wearing masks. You know it's not real."

Of course we've seen how these videos usually end and one of the guys in the video said, 'Dad' and then steps in between him and the customers and workers around them. That's when things got a little interesting, the man was lifted up and carried out of the store by someone, possibly his son?

Once again, the video below has some NSFW language!!

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