Vince McMahon Leaps Off High Rise Platform

If you didn't know, I host a pro wrestling podcast called the Battleground Podcast, which you can listen to it where ever you get your podcast and you can listen to the latest episode below.

Vince McMahon who is the owner of the company, would never ask one of his superstars to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. Well, new video has come out of him doing something he was trying to get NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski to do at Wrestlemania 36.

During the show, Gronk was supposed to jump off a platform 10 feet in the air and who was the person to show him how to do it? Well that would be 74 year old Vince McMahon.

I've got to say, for 74 years old Vince still knows how to take a bump. If you'd like to see the actual spot that Gronk did during Wrestlemania 36 check it out below:

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