Scientists Find Evidence Of Ancient Sharks in Mammoth Cave

I can't tell you how many times I've taken my oldest son to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. He has an absolute blast there and now, scientist have found something really cool! Of course it's 2020 so this could sound unbelievable, but scientists have found evidence of sharks in Kentucky.

Now before you go all Mark Cuban and say,

These sharks the scientist have found roamed the waters a very long time ago. Deep inside Mammoth Cave, researchers have discovered what they are calling a treasure trove of shark fossils. Now, before you hit up Mammoth Cave and start looking for shark fossils, researchers found the fossils embedded in the cave limestone, ways off the tourist trails.

“You actually have to go deep into the cave, get in kayaks and paddle out in an underground river to get to a landing where the floor of the cave is just littered with sharks’ teeth,” according to J.P. Hodnett, a paleontologist with Maryland-National Capital Parks.

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