Houston Woman Clings To Hood Of Speeding Car After $10,000 Dog Stolen

A woman working at "Bully Kamp" in Harris County clung for her life while trying to rescue an exotic bully from two people who had stolen the dog. 

Alize James was getting paperwork for a couple who came in wanting to purchase a dog, but when she went in the back to retrieve the paperwork, she returned to the couple running off with the dog. 

That’s when James ran after the couple and was hit and thrown onto the couple’s car, as the car sped off, James held onto the hood as the car weaved through the area before coming to a stop. 

James says she was assaulted by the male driver and was never able to retrieve the dog, who had recently had surgery,“My mind is focused on her health, I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing,”James said. Harris County police are still looking for the suspects. 

Have you ever had a dog stolen from you? How did you recover your pet?

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