Nickelodeon's First NFL Broadcast Featured an F-Bomb

Nickelodeon aired its first ever NFL game, which ended with the New Orleans Saints beating the Chicago Bears 21-9.  It featured a discussion on players' bathroom breaks, the trademark Nickelodeon slime, and an UNCENSORED F-BOMB. Here are the highlights:

1. The profanity came at the end of the first half, when a hot-mic caught Bears receiver Cordarrelle Patterson disagreeing with a call. Nickelodeon didn't catch it in time. (Here'sUNCENSOREDvideo.)

2. Former NFL receive rNate Burleson was the studio analyst . . . and several reports say he stole the show. At one point, he explained to kids how players take bathroom breaks during a game. (Here'svideo.)

3. The visuals included a "slimed" first down line . . . "slime canons" after a touchdown . . .SpongeBobwas shown in-between the uprights during field goals . . . and there were a bunch of othersilly graphics.

4. The kid who plays"Young Sheldon" alsoexplainedsome of the penalties . . . there was a"Minecraft"-stylehalftime report. . . and Saints coachSean Paytongot slimed. . . FOR REAL!

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