Lady Believes She's Engaged To Bret Michaels And BFFs With Nikki Sixx

I'm sure you've heard of the term "catfish" or maybe you've been catfished before, but if you haven't, it means that someone is pretending to be someone else by using their photos, identification, etc.

This woman states that her friend, Tina, believes she's in a relationship with Bret Michaels even though they've never spoken on the phone and only chat via Instagram and text. The woman says that this guy is pretending to be Bret Michaels.

Tina said "I love Bret Michaels and he loves me". She went on to say that "He tells me management pretty much controls him, that he can only text me. He can't talk to me on the phone or send a video for privacy for security reasons.

Tina also said that she's good friends with Nikki Sixx. Check out her story on Dr. Phil

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