Watch a Drunk Tom Brady Tossing the Lombardi Trophy

TheTampa Bay Buccaneershad their victory BOATparadeyesterday, andTOM BRADYgot HAMMERED.

There are videos of him stumbling around, looking like he's had a few. Brady even responded to one on Twitter, saying, quote, "Noting to see her . . . just litTle avoCado tequila."

The best one is a video of Brady on a boat THROWING the Lombardi trophy across the water to ROB GRONKOWSKI's boat. Even though Gronkcaught two touchdowns in the Super Bowl,he'salso known for DENTING a previous Lombardi trophy.

Luckily,CAMERON BRATE was there to make the catch and save the trophy from certain doom.

(Here's Brady'stoss. Here's theUNCENSOREDviewfrom Gronk's boat. And here's the Lombarditrophythat Gronk dented two years ago.)

There's also the fact that no one is wearing a mask or social distancing. Sure, the players have been tested repeatedly, but there are other random people there too.

(Here's anUNCENSOREDlookat Brady looking a little drunk . . . and anUNCENSOREDoneof him looking MORE drunk. Maybe it was just his "sea legs"?)

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