You Could Win $250,000 If You Can Just Prove You Have Super Powers

There are plenty of people out there who claim they have all sorts of POWERS . . . from seeing the future to telekinesis.

And if ANY of them could just prove it, they could take home a nice little stack of cash. You know, before they get thrown in a windowless van and taken in for experiments for the rest of their life.

The Center for Inquiry Los Angeles has been running a contest for a few years called the Paranormal Challenge, and the rules are simple: If you can prove you have a super power, you'll win $250,000.

They say they've had tons of people from all over the world apply saying they have an ability that can't be explained by science . . . but so far, no one's been able to prove their ability.

There's a running list online of the people who've attempted the challenge. Some recent ones were a telepath who said he could project images into people's heads . . . and a man who said he could make a top spin in strange ways on a table. 

And even though they failed to prove their abilities like everyone else, everyone who enters does have one thing in common, according to the organizers. Quote, "100% of the people we've tested completely believe in their own ability." 

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