Gas Prices are on the Rise

It might be a good time to fill your tank.

Gasoline prices are on the rise in the United States, having already climbed an average of 31 cents a gallon in the past month, the AAA reports. What's more is they're expected to continue increasing, says AAA spokeswoman Tiffany Wright. "I wouldn't be surprised if prices went up another 5 to 10 cents in the coming days," she says. The average per-gallon price is currently $2.77, compared to $2.37 just before the pandemic began.

Wright blames the increasing prices on rising crude oil costs, a diminished supply of oil due to last month's winter storm and an increased demand.

While the article below is about North and South Carolina gas prices, the surge is happening across the country.

Why is there an "increased demand" for gas right now?

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