Tik Toker Sent Dirty Video To Her Mother Thanks To Google Face Recognition

A Tiktoker shared a valuable lesson with followers following an x-rated video that was sent to her mother thanks to Google face recognition. 

Kara Tonin, from Canada, posted a video sharing her mortifying experience explaining that“Google Photos has a feature where it recognizes people’s faces and if you type in their name it will pull up every picture and video with their face in it.”

Tonin explained that you can then make an album of that person which includes every photo or video they’re in. Google had made an album of Tonin’s son and sent it to her mother. 

But while trying to spice things up in her relationship, Tonin made an x-rated video and Google picked up a small picture of her son that was on the refrigerator, and ultimately the video was sent to her mother. 

Have you ever had a suggestive picture or video that was sent to someone by mistake? Share your story. 

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