Woman Refused to Return $1.2 Million Accidentally Deposited in Her Account

I love this woman's thought process. Like . . . did she really think that no one would be looking for a MILLION DOLLARS they accidentally misplaced?

33-year-old Kelyn Spadoni of New Orleans checked her Charles Schwab investment account in February . . . and found $1.2 MILLION in there. They'd meant to deposit $82, but gave her $1.2 million by mistake.

Kelyn works at the sheriff's department, so she probably should've known to report it . . . but she didn't. Instead, she quickly transferred all of the money into a different account and used it to buy a HOUSE and a CAR. The car was a Hyundai Genesis.

Eventually Charles Schwab figured out what happened to the money. But when Kelyn kept dodging them and ignoring their calls and messages, they got the police involved.

Kelyn was arrested last week for theft, bank fraud, and illegal transmission of monetary funds.

A spokesman from the sheriff's department where she worked says, quote, "She had no legal claim to that money. Even if it was put in there by mistake, it was an accounting error." 

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