Crazy Stuff Happened With My Kids 'Paw Patrol" Walkie Talkie

Today is National Paranormal Day. And according to a new survey for the holiday, 80% of Americans say they believe in ghosts. That includes 45% who believe but have never seen one . . . and 35% who believe BECAUSE they've seen one.

I'm not going to lie, I believe in ghost and after what happened with my sons toy. So I bought my 4 year old some Paw Patrol walkie-talkies and we started to play around with them and things got spooky. My son started talking to someone other than me.

The voices that were coming through were that of a lady, a young girl & a man. I was able to get some of that on video which you can watch below. Also, these walkie-talkies don't have the ability to change the channels.