Santana & Ortiz Talk AEW's First Blood & Guts Match, Forbidden Door & More

On the show today, we sit down with AEW's Santana & Ortiz to talk about AEW's first Blood & Guts match. It seems like this match is more personal than any other match they've had and they talk about how personal this match has gotten.

For some time now, we've seen rumors that there could be an AEW Trios Title, but no official word on that. When asked Santana & Ortiz commented on the possibility of Trios Titles in AEW.

"There are so many people on the roster and having a belt like that or a tournament or whatever they decide to do, it would be beneficial to get the spotlight on guys that haven't had the opportunities to showcase what they can do. If you keep up with Elevation or Dark, you'll see a small part of what some people can do, but all we need is more time. If people have more time, you can truly see how talented our roster is. Implementing [a Trios Title] would be awesome and beneficial for the workers," said Ortiz.

Santana & Ortiz told us they would take any member of The Inner Circle as their third teammate in a potential trios team.

We talk about their debut at All Out and how things were backstage when they arrived, were there other offers on the table before signing with AEW, who they'd want a match with now that the 'Forbidden Door' is open, their action figures and so much more! You can hear the full interview below:

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