Pepsi Opening Two 'fast beverage' Restaurant Chains in Middle Tennessee

If you're a fan of Pepsi, it looks like they'll be opening up 2 'fast beverage' restaurant's in Middle Tennessee this month. They will open up in Hermitage and Smyrna and will be a delivery-only restaurant.

Now you're wondering how will all of this work? Well, you can choose your favorite beverage and then a meal is curated based on that choice that have a main course and a side.

Drinks range from the classics to novelties, like Pepsi Wild Cherry or Pepsi Mango.

Main courses offer things like wings, burgers, salads and ribs. Your can choose from these side items such as mac and cheese, corn, fries, a brownie, veggies or chips.

Learn more about the restaurant here and check out locations here.

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