Jeff Lowe Has Letter Hinting at Location of Carole Baskin's Ex-Husband

Jeff Lowe, one of the stars ofTiger King, has alerted authorities about an anonymous letter sent to him from Providence, Rhode Island. 

The letter alleges the location of Carole Baskin’s ex-husband, Don Lewis, is on her Big Cat Rescue property in Tampa."The corpse lies under Her House."The note reads and it was signed,"The Faithful Witness."

The letter was sent to Tiger King Park in Oklahoma in May of 2020. Hillsborough County authorities requested the letter when Jeff received it, however, he held onto it at the request of “Tiger King 2” producers. 

Don Lewis went missing in Hillsborough County in 1997. Carole’s current husband, Howard, says the letter is“another stupid stunt by Lowe to deflect from his own legal troubles."

Even though Carole Baskin attempted to debunk this rumor in a video in August of 2020, do you still believe her ex is buried somewhere on her property?

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