O.J. Simpson Won't Go to L.A. Out of Fear of Running Into Real Killer

O. J. Simpson sits in Superior Court in Los Angele

Photo: Getty Images

O.J. Simpson spends most of his time in Vegas these days . . . although his parole officer has allowed him to visit his kids in Florida. But one place he's NOT interested in visiting is L.A., and for a very specific reason.

He says, quote, "I have trouble with L.A. People may think this is self-serving, but I might be sitting next to whoever did it. I really don't know who did this."

The "it" that O.J. is referring to is, of course, the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. . . which, of course, remain OFFICIALLY unsolved.

He adds, quote, "I figured eventually somebody would confess to something, you know? I had one suspect I told my lawyers to look at. I still think he might be involved, but I can't talk about it."

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