Tony Hawk's Blood-Infused Skateboard Draws Ire from Lil Nas X

Tony Hawk's newest merch line is a little more... personal than we're used to.

The skateboarding legend is selling a new line of custom skateboards - each of which contains Tony Hawk's actual blood mixed in with the paint. He even posted a YouTube video of his blood being drawn for the project.

It's part of a collaboration with the canned water company Liquid Death. Only 100 of the bloody boards will be made, selling for $500 each at Liquid Death's website.

Part of the money will go towards charity efforts to fight plastic pollution and build skateparks.

One person is speaking out about Tony Hawk and his skateboards. Lil Nas X who made headlines earlier this year with the release of a limited-edition line of customized Air Max 97s containing a drop of human blood, called out the double standard.

Would a skateboard made with someone else's blood appeal to you? What's your coolest piece of celebrity merch?

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