You Can Make $1,300 Watching 13 Horror Movies

A website called Finance Buzz is looking for someone to watch 13 horror movies . . . and they'll pay you $1,300 to do it. They'll also send you a FitBit to wear, so they can monitor your heartbeat and see how SCARED you get. The movies were made with varying budgets, and they supposedly want to know if that affects the amount of scares a movie delivers.

The movies are: "Saw","The Amityville Horror","A Quiet Place","A Quiet Place 2","Candyman","Insidious""The Blair Witch Project","Sinister","Get Out","The Purge", the 2018"Halloween","Paranormal Activity", and"Annabelle".

With"Amityville" and"Candyman", they didn't specify which version.

The budget disparity of these films is pretty huge. 

"Paranormal Activity" was made for $15,000 . . . while"A Quiet Place" rang up a $17 MILLION tab.

Applications are due by September 26th. You can apply at

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