Tiger King 2 Is Coming Soon, and Carole Baskin Is Angry

"Tiger King 2" is coming to Netflix before the end of the year, and CAROLE BASKIN is NOT happy about it. 

Carole did NOT take part in this one. She says the director said they wanted to "clear the air" about how she was treated in the first"Tiger King", but she told them to LOSE HER NUMBER.

She adds, quote, "There is no explanation for such a betrayal and false portrayal. If people want to know the actual truth behind the big cat crisis in the U.S. and how it all started, they should be demanding to see'The Conservation Game' film by Michael Webber.

"His film answers the important questions that'Tiger King'glossed over."

Netflix isn't saying much about"TK2"yet, but obviously,JOE EXOTIC could only participate from BEHIND BARS. 

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