Tiktoker Proves We've Been Using Your Can Opener Wrong Your Whole Life

TikToker Isabella Avila is taking kitchen hacks to new heights with her can opener hack which has so far had over five million likes and 30,000 comments.

Avila suggests taking your handheld can opener and putting it flat against the top of the can instead of holding it down the side of the can. 

Avila demonstrates using the can opener the flat way and says,“...the can opens the correct way without having to dig your fingers in there."

Isabella also gives hacks on keeping boiling water from overflowing with a plate and wooden spoon placed on top of the pot and she swears by flipping pancakes by holding the pancake on a spatula while flipping the pan, however when someone asked about oil spilling out Avila’s advice was,“panic.”

What is your favorite kitchen hack?

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