You Know Those Scary Robot Dogs? Now They've Got Guns

This is kind of like if you combined"Paw Patrol" with the"Terminator" movies, except it's real life. You know those scary robot dogs that Boston Dynamics makes? Well . . . now they're ARMED.

There's a company called Ghost Robotics that makes a similar robot, but more geared toward the military. And they just unveiled a new model that's got a huge SNIPER RIFLE on top. (Here are some photos.)

It debuted at a military conference in D.C. this week. They're calling it a "Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle," or "SPUR" for short. They haven't released a ton of details, but it can operate during the day, or at night. And it's the first one of these robots to have an actual weapon mounted on top. 

(Earlier this year, someone put a painball gun on a Boston Dynamics dog, and the company wasn't happy about it.)

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