WATCH Donald Trump Hits Kid In The Head With Baseball At World Series

It turns out former President Donald Trump's visit to Atlanta's Truist Park for Game 4 of the World Series didn't go off without a hitch. Video that surfaced Friday shows the ex-president bean some poor kid on the head with a baseball.

The clip shows the boy, who was sitting several rows away, desperately trying to get Trump's attention. When he finally succeeds, the ex-president yells to the kid, asking him to throw him a baseball to autograph. After doing so, Trump cocks back his arm to toss the ball back to the boy -- and beans him right on the noggin.

Fortunately, the boy appeared to be OK. And fans in surrounding seats were able to retrieve the ball, which they returned to the kid, witnesses say.

Should Trump have done something more for the kid after hitting him with the ball?

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