Study: Cowboys Fans are the NFL's Biggest Complainers

While most sports fans complain about coaching decisions and referees' bad calls, none have bigger chips on their shoulders than fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

That's according to a newly-released study that ranks Cowboys fans the worst complainers in the NFL. The study, conducted by Mibets, places fans of the New England Patriots at number 2, followed by Eagles fans at Steelers fans at numbers 3 and 4, respectively. And rounding out the top 5 are fans of the New York Jets.

Probably the biggest takeaway from the new list concerns Bears fans, who clearly have calmed down over the past year. Last year, they were the NFL's fourth-worst complainers. This year, however, they're ranked number 8,Mibetsreveals.

Do you agree with this list? Which fans would you say complain the most?

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